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Word of God Bible Study Connected Keychain

Word of God Bible Study Connected Keychain

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Adorable Christian keychains adorned with uplifting words of faith.

⭐ Grading:

  • A grade: Supreme, the peak of achievement.
  • B grade: Featuring minor imperfections like dust specks, fibers, and minor scratches that are hardly visible to the naked eye, light misprint on thin lines, the keychain is still in great quality all around.
  • C grade: Display more noticeable boo-boos, including: highly noticeable misprints, tiny chips, dents, scratches, air bubbles, or teeny weeny piece of hair (smaller than an eyelash).


  • Clear double sided printed
  • Double sided glitter epoxy
  • Acrylic keychain


  • Top Acrylic 2 in
  • Bottom Acrylic 1 in

⭐ Note: Colors may vary due to screen settings. Colors shown on the screen may be more or less vibrant in person. Product colors may also vary slightly due to the manufacturing/printing processes.

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